Healthy Veggie Swaps for Your Favorite Comfort-Food Carbs

At Corefire, we love a big bowl of pasta or a cheesy slice of pizza as much as the next born-and-bred-NJ-resident; but what we don’t love is how too much of a delicious thing can leave us feeling bloated, lethargic, and uncomfortable. Don’t get us wrong: carbohydrates are an important macronutrient in an overall balanced, healthy diet, along with protein and fat. If you exercise frequently and intensely (hello, Corefire!), you most likely need extra carbs to help replenish glycogen (aka stored glucose in your muscles and liver used for energy). After a workout is the perfect time to throw some beets on your salad, have a sweet potato along with your turkey burger, or serve quinoa alongside your salmon.

Shop local and get your next batch of salmon at Gus & Co. in Upper Montclair

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Valentine's Gifts for EVERY Love in Your Life

We've got your back on getting the hottest dinner reservation in town for Valentine’s Day (check out our recs here); now we are hooking you up with some sweet gifts for those you love. Take a peek below to see some of our favorite Valentine's Day gift ideas that can be found in and around Ridgewood and Montclair.

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Be Prepared to Hit the Slopes Strong: Winter Sports Training

Ski and snowboard season is upon us, and that means weekend getaways to Vermont or day trips to nearby Hunter Mountain. Even if you’ve participated in winter sports for many years, it’s essential to prepare your body for the challenge. Whether you ski, snowboard, ice skate, or just chase after your kids at the hockey rink, most winter sports require good balance, coordination, joint stability, and lower body and core strength. In other words, all of the benefits you reap from regular Corefire classes!

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Give Back this Holiday Season

Our Corefire team feels so blessed to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. While we know it's important to express gratitude, we think the best way is to show it through our actions. There are many less fortunate people in our communities who could use support every day of the year, not just during the holiday season. In the spirit of the holiday season (or perhaps as a belated gift), please consider a donation in a loved one's name to one of our favorite local charities.

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Often times,  December feels like a blur of holiday shopping while we try to secure the perfect gift to WOW our most special family and friends. We are lucky enough to be located in two AWESOME towns (shout out to Montclair and Ridgewood!) that have great local boutiques. We have done our homework and found what we think are some stellar presents that will bring a smile to even the grouchiest Grinch!

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10 Tips to Stay Sane & Healthy Through the Holidays (Part II)

While navigating the constant barrage of holiday treats is enough of a challenge, it's essential to try to fit in movement as often as you can, as well as carve out time for self-care. Although it may seem nearly impossible, every little bit really does count! Check out the next 5 tips to help you stay sane & healthy through the holidays:

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